I Named A Cat

We have two cats that come through our yard: Kuzia, my next door neighbor's cat, and Dasha, my neighbor from across the street's cat. There were other cats on my street that I had unofficially named, such as Buffboy (because he was a light orange), Heart, and Calico Friend, but since my host family doesn't … Continue reading I Named A Cat


Moldova Time

On August 8th, I brought a group of Russian speaking students from Ceadir-Lunga, a town near me, on an "American" experience in Chisinau. We visited the America House, were supposed to (but didn't because it was closed for repairs) go to a McDonald's, and concluded the tour with a visit to the Peace Corps office. … Continue reading Moldova Time

Eleven Months To Go

I haven't done a mood music intro in a while, so here's one: Песнь о Земле Родной by Грай. Translated, the title is "Song about the Native Land". Слышишь, там, вдали река поёт о Земле Родной, о Земле Родной, И лечу я к ней легка, как сокола крыло, Как ворона перо, да растворяюсь с песней. … Continue reading Eleven Months To Go